To add a bookmark to Pinner you can use the following URL scheme:


with the parameters:

- href (required) (the url to the bookmarked page)
- title (the title for the bookmark)
- tags (tags for the bookmark, comma separated)
- extended (a description for the bookmark)
- shared (0 for private, 1 for public)
- toread (0 for normal, 1 to mark it as 'to read')

You can also use the following snippet as a bookmarklet within Safari:


It will use the page title as the title, and your selected text as the description.

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar to add.

For example, if you’d like bookmarks added this way to automatically have the tags ‘safari’ and ‘iOS’, you would add:


before the semicolon at the end. Similarly, you might wish for your bookmarks to be automatically set to read later and be private, so you could add:



Support for x-callback-url has been available since 1.03. Put simply, this means you can set your bookmarklet to automatically take you back to your browser after adding a bookmark. For example, in Safari:


Drag this link to your bookmarks bar to add.

You can modify the bookmarklet to take you back to any app by changing the ‘x-source’, ‘x-success’ and ‘x-cancel’ attributes. For example, for Google Chrome:


Drag this link to your bookmarks bar to add.